Why did I join the run4fun programme in 2006?


I remember standing by Brookside Church in Gunthorpe Peterborough in the 1980's and cheering people running the Peterborough ½ Marathon, "I could never do that," I thought.

But a girl can dream and so, when Peterborough City Council re-instated the Great Eastern ½ Marathon in 2006 I decided to enter. I could not run to save my life, so what was I to do? I had played Badminton for about 10 years, but that was the extent of my physical exercise.

I joined Tim's "run4fun" on 13 May 2006 and now nearly two years on I have become fit and able to run for 2½ hours at a time. I have completed three ½ marathons and various 5 mile and 10 kilometre races. The winner of the 2007 Great Eastern ½ Marathon may have finished before me but he cannot be more proud of his time than I am of my 2:28. Not at the front I know, but a long way from last, somewhere nicely in the pack!

I am not very fast, but for the amount of time that I have been running, less than 2 years and the fact that I started at the ripe age of 55, I am well impressed with my achievements. I've lost nearly 1½ stones - and I'm keeping to my new weight! I know that I have improved my fitness and my figure, my zest for life, and I can enjoy chocolate with a clear conscience knowing that I will "run it off" the next day.

I would thoroughly recommend running to anyone. Whatever you want to do, be it to get fit, lose weight, buy smaller sized clothes or even enter races give it a try, contact Tim and join run4fun

Hazel Brewin (a very fit and youthful 57 year old lady)

February 2008

Footnote: In April 2009 Hazel completed the Flora London Marathon in 5.06.41 and if that wasn't enough, in July 2009 Hazel also successfully completed the Kent Marathon Challenge, a double marathon of 52.4miles, in 13hours and 20minutes. Both with help from run4fun - very well done Hazel!
Great North Run October 2008

Tim and Carol at run4fun have been an invaluable source of support, advice and encouragement during my training for the Great North Run 2008.

As a complete novice to running, I began my training alone, and was suffering from severe doubts about my ability to even complete 13.1miles, let alone enjoy the event! When I met Carol and Tim however, they quickly identified where I was going wrong, put together a detailed training plan for me and followed this up with regular phone calls, advice and motivation.

I'm happy to say that 11 short weeks later I not only completed the Great North Run with energy to spare, but am now really excited about continuing to train and go on to future events. I couldn't have done it without them - a huge thank you for making the impossible seem possible, and most importantly, really good fun!

Rebecca Pooley - Norfolk

Race for Life 2009

Back in March 2009, I was reminded by a friend that I had previously agreed to run the "Race for Life" with her, it had seemed like such a good idea when it was still months away, but now we only had two and a bit months to go and the thought of being able to run 5km in that time seemed a total impossibility.  We had met a couple of evenings a week after work to practice, but despite our best efforts, we weren't progressing very much. 

That was when I was told about 'run4fun' and that it was a weekly course for beginners. Just what we needed!  We had no hesitation in signing up and turned up on week 1 bright and early; a bit apprehensive if I'm honest but were pleasantly surprised: It really didn't matter what level of fitness you were (although you are advised to see your GP if it's the first time you've tried running since your school days!!), or what age, shape, gender or size: anyone can run! 

We met Tim and Carol and the other "newbies" and quickly realised that we all had the same concerns, but we were all beginners, starting at the same level and everyone was really friendly.  We started off with a very short jog/walk and then some simple warm up stretches. We then started with jog a minute, walk a minute; for around 10/15 minutes, dependent on how we felt. Some shorter team "games" followed, to show us faster running techniques and then it was time for a few warm down stretches as week 1 came to an end. At the end of the first session we all received a pack giving us details of the stretches, information about choosing the right shoes, where, when and how to train in between the weekly sessions and lots of other useful information. Although a little stiff I had really enjoyed it and was already looking forward to the next few Saturday mornings!

As the weeks progressed we continued to learn lots of different warm up (and warm down) routines and as we progressed with longer distances we were all appropriately supported.  There was never any competition between abilities; we all got on really well.  We learnt lots of tips and tricks and were able to ask as many 'silly' questions as we liked, which were always answered with a smile and wealth of experienced advice.  We continued with our team games (which ensured we didn't train alongside the same people every time); right up until the last week; and when we got the instructions a bit muddled it just added to the fun!!

Almost before we knew it; the last week arrived and we all ran 5km without stopping!  What an incredible achievement.  We all completed successfully at various speeds and for all of us it was a momentous achievement; and we were quick to share our celebrations with each other. My friend and I were now ready to tackle the Race for Life, knowing that we could run the distance without stopping

Would I recommend run4fun?  Without hesitation!  I have gone from never having run in my life to being a bit disappointed if I don't get my 'running' fix!  In a remarkably short period of time, I can run for distances I never dreamt of doing.  I have met lots of 'new' people; and enjoy the camaraderie when out and about running.  If I can do it then I firmly believe that anyone can!

PS:  Back to my initial reason for joining run4fun; the Race for Life, I'm pleased to say my friend and I both completed it successfully running all the way around (without stopping) in 30 minutes and its now definitely up there as one of my proudest achievements to date - all thanks to run4fun!!

Donna Flynn - Peterborough

run4fun Training

It was coming to the end of the summer and pushing my late 40's I decided I wanted to make some lifetime changes, I had brought up a family and now I was ready for some "me" time. I had also lost some weight and needed to tone up. I couldn't afford to join a gym but running was something that wouldn't cost me much money and I could do this on my own, but I was a complete novice; I'd never done anything like this in my life. That's when I found run4fun

The first time I "ran" with Tim it was hard, I could only manage to run and walk and was absolutely shattered after it. My legs ached for days but I built up to being able to go out 3 times a week by following the plan and suggestions Tim gave me, even when it was snowing!! Sometimes I'd come home and vow never to run again but I did!! Now, after 3 months of regular running I can run 6 miles without stopping. This has changed my life already, I've made a new circle of friends who I regularly meet for a mid week run and I feel fitter, healthier and happier.

I am now in training for my first 10k race with help from Tim and run4fun, I'd certainly recommend it

Sally - Peterborough

February 2010

Peterborough Great Eastern Half Marathon

It was after a chilly Frostbite Friendly race in January 2013 that I mentioned to Tim Cook that I was keen to get a PB at the Peterborough Great Eastern half marathon later in the year (October).  Having not really spoken to Tim much in the past I was surprised when he said straight away that he could get me round the course in under two hours.  

As the months went by and the time to start training for the Great Eastern approached, I decided to get in touch with Tim again.  He quickly found time to call me to discuss what I wanted to achieve and talked to me at length about how it could be done.  Tim drew up a detailed personalised training plan, which took a lot of stress out of training.  I met Tim once a week for an hour of one to one training but also saw him at my running club and he was always on hand for advice over the phone.  

My half marathon time in 2012 was around 2 hours 15 minutes.  With Tim's help in 2013, I ran it in 1 hour 57 minutes!  Training with Tim kept me motivated and kept boredom at bay, as he planned lots of different kinds of training sessions.  Most importantly, at times when I was doubting myself, Tim always had a positive word for me.  I trusted Tim completely to help me achieve my goal and he didn't let me down.  Getting my sub-two hour half marathon time was so important to me and I'm thrilled (and relieved) to have managed it.  Undoubtedly Tim's support had a huge part to play.
Thanks Tim!!

Elaine Montgomery - Peterborough

October 2013